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Be Bold - Metatron 5.0 | Real Music
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Feel Your Rhythm.

Regular Group Dance Class

Private / Semi-Private Dance Class

Form Your Own Class (3 pax up)
The Metatron (Auditioned Programme)

-Louise Penny-

Regular Group Vocal Class

Private / Semi-Private Vocal Class

Form Your Own Class (3 pax up)


Letty Wan

"My daughter has been going to Real Music for 4 years and her passion for singing and dancing has grown tremendously. She’s had so many opportunities to perform which helped give her confidence and experience to take performing arts seriously.  Miss Rachel is an exceptional teacher. She’s professional, passionate and very involved in the class. She also gives my daughter lots of personal feedback which is very helpful. 
My daughter enjoys her classes a lot and loves being around her friends. I cannot say enough good things about this place and would highly recommend it to those who have an interest in singing and dancing!"

Rosa Wan

"My teenage daughter Amber has been taking lessons with Rachel since she was 5 yrs old. Teacher Rachel is so dedicated to her craft that she brings out the best in her students at every single lesson. Rachel always plays the keyboard accompaniment while her students sing, and that combination of musician and singer makes the class so much more enriching and fulfilling. I can hear from outside the classroom doors the passion, love and energy that goes into every single class.  Rachel’s charisma and positivity is a huge driving force that makes all people - students and parents, love her. Thank you Rachel for all the guidance and emotional support that also goes into helping a student gain confidence on the stage.  So happy Amber has had the privilege to learn from you!"

Dorothy Cheng

"Rachel is not only talented as a singer, but thoughtful and nurturing as a teacher. She ignites my daughter’s lasting passion in music. I deeply appreciate that Rachel provides helpful guidance and yet lets the child maintain ownership of her development. Rachel is insightful in discovering my daughter’s areas of strength and cares deeply in cultivating that. Rachel truly elevates singing education to an art form."


Grace Aprea

“Singing is a huge part of my daughter’s life and Rachel has been an integral part of the journey. My daughter started taking singing lessons with Rachel when she was 2 years old. 11 years later, she is still enjoying her lessons. There have been countless opportunities to perform at a variety of venues. She even had the chance to record a commercial jingle, a movie soundtrack, original songs, and participate in a live radio show. Over the years, it has been wonderful to watch my daughter grow and radiate with confidence on stage. She uses her voice proudly and continues to boldly explore her singing style and range. A heart-felt thank you to Rachel and her team at Real Music for fostering my daughter’s love for singing and performance. There is certainly no shortage of talent and passion at Real Music.”

Mimi Lau

"Seven years ago, when my daughter was just eight, she told me of her desire to learn to sing.  We searched high and low for a suitable teacher, not just someone with credentials and skills, but someone fun and with whom my daughter enjoys spending time.  After trying out her first lesson with Rachel, we both fell in love with her warm and accepting demeanor, as well as passion for music.  Eight years later, my daughter is now fifteen years old and continues to take private singing lessons with Rachel.  Over the years, Rachel and Real Music had given so many unique and creative experiences for my daughter.  They ranged from solo and group public performances, to making singing videos, to recording music that was published on Spotify, to impromptu jamming.  These experiences not only gave my daughter a wide array of exposure, but also opened her eyes to the joy and fun that music (not just singing) brings to her life.  Outside of singing class, my daughter had also proactively taken to learn playing the guitar and piano.  I have witnessed how she began as a shy and unsure child to the confident and passionate young lady that she is today.  Despite her busy high school academic and sport activity schedules, my daughter still looks forward to her lessons and performance sessions with Rachel and her team.  They remain to be her highlight of the week or season!"
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