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Real Rhythm is an extension of Real Music. It focuses on modern dancing and provides stage performance group training as well as stage production experience. 
Bad Vibes Out Metatron 4.0 by Real Music Production
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Regular Group Dance Class
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Private  Dance Class

Minimum 3 persons and 4 classes up

Group Your Own
Dance Class


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Adelaide Leung

Dance Director

Adelaide started to learn ballet at a young age. Upon achieving an Intermediate level at Royal Academy of Dance, she entered The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) majoring in Ballet followed by Musical Theatre. Her stage experiences span across a wide array of genre, including Classical Ballet, Broadway, Jazz, Tap Dancing and Pop. 

Adelaide is a professional dancer for top artists in the music industry . Her extensive experience includes being an advertisement model as well as a choreographer for a variety of concerts and events. As a certified trainer of GYROTONIC®️ and GYROKINESIS®️ Methods, Adelaide understands anatomy and is sensitive to students’ physical abilities and limitations.


At Real Rhythm, Adelaide leads all aspects of dance including choreography, teaching and MV production.  Her extensive experience has helped our students enjoy a comprehensive stage experience.

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