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Terms & Conditions 

Private / Semi-Private /
Private Group Classes

​1.0 Applications for private classes

1.1 Private classes at Real Music are available by appointment only and exclusively for enrolled students. Sharing private classes with siblings or friends is not permitted. Should any part of the class be shared with another person, Real Music reserves the right to charge the additional individual.


1.2 Before the start of the class, parents must complete and sign the enrollment form. Confirmation of placement can only be provided upon receipt of full payment. If parents need to make any changes after the application has been processed, please inform our office in writing.


1.3 Enrollments are confirmed in the order they are received. Once a student confirms a class, the class time will remain the same for the entire year unless we receive notification from the parent of any changes. However, if the student does not attend the class for a period of one month, we reserve the right to release the time slot.


1.4 Before the face-to-face assessment appointment, a fee of $250 must be paid, which covers both the registration and the face-to-face assessment.

2.0 Trial class


2.1 The trial class is scheduled to take place after the assessment. It is a paid lesson.

3.0 Absence, make up class and cancellations


3.1 Parents must inform us in writing (via Whatsapp or email, no voice messages) at least 4 hours before the class or recording session if their child is unable to attend. Failure to do so will result in no make-up classes being arranged and the class being charged.


3.2 Real Music reserves the right to reject the application of a student for the next term if they are absent for more than 3 times within a period of 2 months.

4.0 Parental accompaniment


4.1 Parents and guardians are kindly requested not to remain in the studio during classes or recording sessions. We ask that you wait outside the studio while the class is in progress. Teachers have the authority to request any individual to leave the studio if necessary. Please ensure that you promptly pick up your child at the end of the class.


5.0 Performance


5.1 Parents will receive email notifications regarding upcoming performances. We reserve the right to determine a student's eligibility to participate in the performance based on their attendance records and class performances. Space for the performance will only be reserved for students who complete the required Google forms.


5.2 Only regular students will be notified with our current performances and events. If the event has a specific age requirement, we will only notify the group that falls within the appropriate age category.


6.0 Request for Instrumental music or new recordings for background tracks


6.1 For private events, there will be a fee of $200 for each ready-made instrumental track requested. If the student requires a newly recorded piano track, the charge will be based on the studio rental rate of $1500 per hour.


7.0 Payments

7.1 Payment for 4 classes is due on the 4th class. There are several methods available for making payments, including:

- Cash

- Cheque (Payable to: Real Music Production Ltd.,

- Bank in (The Bank of East Asia (BEA): 015-514-10-402032-6) 

- FPS (FPS ID: 160 201455 Real Music Production Ltd.)


Please submit the receipt to us via email or WhatsApp. Payment must be received within five working days after submitting the enrollment form. Please note that we reserve the right to deny admission to students who have not made payment by the first day of each course.

8.0 Late Payment Penalty


8.1 Payment is required within 7 days of the due date. Failure to make payment within this timeframe will result in a monthly penalty fee of $150. If payment is not received within 21 days from the due date, we reserve the right to request that the student withdraw from the class.

9.0 Refunds

9.1 Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds under any circumstances.

10.0 Withdrawal

10.1 In the event that a student withdraws from the class, the remaining classes will only remain valid for a period of 60 days and cannot be transferred to another individual.


10.2 Real Music reserves the right to request that a student transfer to other suggested classes or withdraw from the class if we determine that they are not suitable for the course.

11.0 Non-regular Students

11.1 Students who are taking non-regular classes must complete the planned  lessons within a two-month period, starting from the first day of class.

12.0 Semi-Private Class

​12.1 If one student is absent, the other student has the option to pay the balance for a private tuition class, converting it into a private class.

13.0 Private Group Class

​13.1 The organization of the private group class is the responsibility of the Parent Host, who is responsible for grouping and contacting the students. Real Music does not have the responsibility to select, invite, or reject students for the group.

14.0 Tuition

14.1 The charges for private classes, semi-private classes, and classes with 3 or more students vary. To obtain information about class schedules, teacher availability, and fees, please contact our administration manager.

15.0 Severe Weather Conditions

15.1 Classes will proceed as scheduled during Typhoon Signal 3, Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal, and Red Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal.


15.2 If Typhoon Signal Pre-8, Signal 8, or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is raised before class hours, all classes will be cancelled. The Pre-8 signal indicates that Typhoon Signal 8 is expected to be raised within two hours.


15.3 In the event of enforced closure due to unforeseen circumstances, such as government regulations, a black rain warning, or a typhoon signal number 8 or higher being raised, classes will be cancelled. No make-up sessions, refunds, or credits will be issued in such cases.

16.0 Use of promotional materials

16.1 Videos and photos will be captured during class for promotional purposes. All rights are reserved by Real Music Production Ltd. If parents have any concerns regarding the use of their child's photos or videos for promotional purposes, they must notify us in advance in writing (via WhatsApp or email).

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